Monday, August 16, 2010

Space Marine Fandex Version 1.3

Below is the updated Space Marine Fandex.

- Weapon profiles have been changed, some new weapons have been added.
- War Beasts are added for those who like their Commanders with pets
- Keeper of the Armory added for Force Commanders and Techmarines, allowing an extra Heavy Support choice for every one you include in your army.  This is my attempt at a compromise between one for one slots and squadrons.
- Totally redone psychic powers to add more utility and defense for Librarians.
- Rules updated.

Space Marine Fandex version 1.3


  1. Very Kool, I will look over it tonight and give you some feedback.


  2. Many thanks, Jim. I warn's a little out there.

  3. Being out there doesn't worry me as long as there is some balance to it.

    There is not a rulesystem on earth that I won't monkey with myself.

    The only time I play rulebook 40k is at the few tourneys I attend each year.


  4. Good to know. I've already scared the pants off of some more traditional enthusiasts, though to be honest I did make some changes at their request.