Sunday, August 22, 2010

Phoenix Lords Rewrites

In the interest of cool, I'll be updating the Phoenix Lords to better emulate their aura of cool in the background.

Here is the basic template.

WS-8; BS-8; S-4; T-4; W-4; I-8; A-4; Ld-10

Fleet; Eternal Warrior; Independent Character

Souls of the Exarchs: A Phoenix Lord has a 4+ invulnerable save and counts as a psyker in all respects.  It is also immune to all psychic powers without a given Strength value.

First and Ever Lords of War: You may choose to have a Phoenix Lord and any unit it is with automatically pass or fail any Morale check or test to regroup.

Disciples of the Asuryata: If you include a Phoenix Lord in your army, squads of that Phoenix Lord's aspect count as Troops choices.

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