Sunday, July 26, 2009

Codex: Smurfs and Pals

My first foray into publicly posting rules will be my revision of Codex: Space Marines. With everyone's favorite genetically enhanced super-soldiers being the poster boys for the company, and with their organization and capabilities being thoroughly explored, I find them to be the easiest starting point. I am rewriting it to fit 5th Edition rules (I know some of 5th is suspect, but I want these to be playable without having to get used to a whole new ruleset quite yet).

A mild disclaimer: I am not a Marine player, and I have played with Space Marine armies since I started with the 3rd Edition of Warhammer 40,000. I do not believe myself to have any bias towards or against the men in ceramite, but I am trying to make them more of an elite force than they currently are. Individual units will be really good, but more expensive than they are now. Also, certain units will be subsumed into others based on published Space Marine organization, hopefully without losing any of the valuable options they have now. On to the start.

The Emperor engineered the Astartes to be the best warriors in the galaxy. They do not feel fear, their bodies are stronger and more resilient than any normal man, and their reputation is only exceeded by their skills in war.

All units with the Angels of Death rule are subject to the following:
  • The unit automatically passes tests to regroup, even if below 50% unit strength.
  • The unit rolls 2D6 when running, and the controlling player may select which single dice roll to apply.
  • The unit may shoot Heavy weapons in the movement phase even if it moved in the Movement phase. However, if it does so, it may not assault in the Assault phase.
Explanation: Before you all scream bloody broken, hear me out. ;) I am making the Marines into a more mobile, superhuman force. Even in stalwart defense, they still utilize mobility to concentrate their efforts and cancel out their expected numerical inferiority.

Unless it is tactically viable for them, I don't see why they would run as slow as normal men, or be incapable of bringing mobile heavy firepower on foot. If the justification in the rulebook about "advancing" as the reason for only 6" movement is to be accepted, Space Marines should has as easy a time moving and shooting with a plasma cannon as a guardsman does with a plasma gun.

The cost for this rule will be more than what the Marines pay for their current "And They Shall Know No Fear" rule. Speaking of which, I toned down that rule in order to make it simplified. Space Marines are brave, but they aren't stupid. They will retreat, and keep retreating if tactically viable. Furthermore, if say, a swarm of Hormagaunts catches them when they are retreating, they are as dead as any other infantry unit.

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